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A random flight generator according to your needs.


Random Flight Database is the only flight generation software so complete and free

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Why use RFD?


You are in good hands. RFD is the ultimate tool to randomly generate your next flight. From departure to arrival, you will be able to control all the details of your next flight.


Simplified flight generation :
RFD can generate flights based on choice criteria, such as departure and arrival airport, airline and many more, or you can let it do its magic!
RFD is the fastest way to generate random flights that can be saved for later use. All you have to do is click and click!


Unlimited flights for all :
RFD is a complete flight generator and offers every possible flight feature you could think of. Plus, it's free !


Save time with predictions :
RFD will save you valuable time by predicting what will happen next in terms of flights. You'll never have to spend hours researching again!


All the information you need at your fingertips :
Get all the information about your flight in one click: weather, airport maps and more, all at the click of a mouse on RFD!


Features that set RFD apart :
RFD stands out from other flight generators because it has an extensive database of airlines and airports that is updated regularly.


Create a custom flight :
Not happy with our suggested picks? Create your own custom flight by adding any airport or time in the world. No restrictions or limits!


Completely free :
It is the only free software that offers full random flight generation services. You won't have to pay anything for it!


Designed with passion :
We are proud of our product and we hope you enjoy it too!


A simple and easy to understand interface.
Two languages available (English and French), instant translation.


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