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Monthly data
Every month you get a new extract of outbound and inbound flights for all known airports in radarbox.
All extractions are performed over 1 full week.
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Get the latest flight data.

The Random Flight Database subscription is a database extracted from the site and which will contain each month the extraction of outward and return flights for all known airports in radarbox. This extraction is done over 1 full week. The guarantee of being updated every month!

Get all flights.

Subscribe to get a monthly updated database of all flights for all airports. Our service is the only way to get data from , and contains over 500,000 flights.
Get an example file of 9999 lines for medium airports
Instruction (English):
– Download the file
– If the “BaseUser” folder does not exist in the RFD program folder, create this folder. Pay attention to upper and lower case letters.
– Paste the file in the “BaseUser” folder
– Open RFD
– Choose the user base named “radarboxmedium”
– Test the database.