Frequently Asked Questions

RFD generates random VFR and IFR flights to discover new destinations.

Yes, the RFD interface is compatible with various popular flight simulators, it's a stand-alone application.

Customize your flights, export to Simbrief, PFPX or LittleNavmap to create flight plans and much more.

Yes, RFD turns every flight into a unique adventure, simplifying planning and aerial exploration.

Each year, we set a fundraising target to ensure the continued development and hosting of the Random Flight Database. While we strive to meet this target, failure to do so may impact on the future development and availability of the software.

Your donations play a crucial role in the sustainability of the project, enabling us to provide ongoing updates, improvements and support. If the fundraising target is not reached, we may have to make difficult decisions, such as reducing development efforts, cutting server resources, or even abandoning the project.

We therefore encourage our community to come together and support the Random Flight Database, helping us to reach our annual fundraising target and ensuring the longevity of the software for all to enjoy.

Yes, I'm the only developer working on the Random Flight Database software and website. From conceptualization to implementation, I invest a significant amount of time and effort to ensure the best possible user experience and functionality.

However, it's important to note that developing and maintaining a complex software project like this requires a considerable time commitment. The time I devote to this development is time I spend away from my family, as I strive to deliver a high-quality, reliable product for aviation enthusiasts like you.

By supporting the Random Flight Database through your donations, you're not only helping to ensure the project's sustainability, but also helping me to balance my passion for development with precious time spent with my loved ones.

We rely on the generosity of our users to support the ongoing hosting and development of the platform. By making a donation, you contribute to the continuity and improvement of the service we offer.

Donated funds are used for the following purposes:

Server hosting and maintenance costs
Software development and enhancements
Data acquisition and licensing costs
Technical support and user assistance
Functionality expansion

Absolutely! Every donation, no matter how small, helps us to cover the costs of running and improving the Random Flight Database. Your support ensures that we can continue to provide a high-quality service to aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

To make a donation, there are buttons further down this page. There you'll find various payment options and instructions on how to contribute. We appreciate any amount you're willing to donate.

Apart from financial donations, there are other ways to support the Random Flight Database:

Spread the word: Share your experience with others and recommend our platform to other aviation enthusiasts. By spreading the word, you help us reach a wider audience and build our community.
Participate on social networks: Follow us on social networks and engage with our content. Like, comment and share our posts to increase our visibility and attract more users.
Buy in our store: By buying in our store, you not only get great products, you also help fund the Random Flight Database. Please note that purchases of the online subscription product do not directly contribute to fundraising efforts.
Your support, whether through donations, promotions or purchases, is greatly appreciated and plays an essential role in the continued existence and development of the Random Flight Database. Together, we can continue to improve the aviation experience for our community.

Yes, we respect your privacy. If you prefer to make an anonymous donation, please indicate your preference during the donation process. We will ensure that your contribution remains confidential.

As a sign of our appreciation, we offer special benefits to generous donors. This may include early access to new features, exclusive updates or recognition on our website. The specific benefits provided may vary according to the amount donated.

Donations are entirely voluntary, and there is no set frequency or obligation to donate. You can contribute whenever you feel comfortable and wish to support the Random Flight Database. Whether it's a one-off donation or periodic contributions, we deeply appreciate your generosity.


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